Heroes, Mentors and Celebrities

I once heard a definition of intelligence that went something like this:

A person’s intelligence can be measured by looking at their ability to distinguish between things that have similar qualities, while actually being different.

I’m sure they worded it much more eloquently than I did, but I’m sure you get the point.

It was one of those quotes that made me stop and contemplate on what it actually meant when applied to things that were top-of-mind in my life. It was a thing that made me go “Hmmmm….”

So today while listening to Seth Godin in an NBC interview as he talked about The Lizard Brain when Seth brought up the differences between Heroes and Mentors, my ears perked up.

Seth isn’t a fan of Mentors – he says they’re in short supply and it’s “not scalable”. I’ve also personally found that it’s difficult to find someone who has the right experience and personal chemistry.

Seth IS a fan of Heroes, however: Those people who we will (likely) never know in person yet who are out there in the public eye “broadcasting their model to anyone who cares to look” and doing things we respect and want to model and bring into our own lives.

Great thoughts, but now it’s made me wonder where Celebrity fits in to the mix.

… and what makes a person a Celebrity, anyway?

In an increasingly personalized world with an ability to curate an increasingly personalized set of media inputs in our lives, aren’t Heroes and Celebrities the same thing?

Or has Celebrity come to mean “movie star” even if I, personally, haven’t curated them into my life (and therefore don’t know them?)

There are more things to think about, I guess…

Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash

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