Playing The Infinite Game

Work in the digital marketing field is stressful.

Not only is there an endless stream of things to get done and unexpected challenges that arise (such as algorithm or interface updates that appear overnight, or major sites being down while you’re trying to work), but there’s also that pesky problem with choosing the tools and strategies you’ll use to get your work done.

First you have to choose a toolkit to work with, and then as you dig into the details of putting together your campaigns and find the restrictions of the tools you’ve chosen, it’s easy to be tempted to add in another tool or find a replacement entirely.

And maybe it really IS a good idea to switch, or it really IS a good idea to add another tool on, but how can you tell?

Simon Sinek has a book coming out this year entitled simply, “The Infinite Game“, and it’s already on my Audible wish list.

Simon is a regular in my “Watch This Instead Of TV“, MotivationTV playlist and I’m quite looking forward to this book coming out.

In listening to Simon talk about “Finite and Infinite Games of Leadership“, I realize that I’ve been using this strategy as part of my life-choice selection processes for many years now, including when it comes to selecting software.

By thinking about getting my business into motion and keeping it in motion, my software choices (and indeed all life choices) narrow themselves down and become easier to make.

If, on the other hand, I spend time thinking about reaching some kind of destination or goal like “getting new clients quickly” or “building a big audience” or “getting to six figures”, the choices do NOT narrow themselves down – and in fact in my experience the choices grow exponentially and make it HARDER to make choices.

If you’re feeling stressed about all the software choices available today, I’m not surprised! We’re often marketed TO as if we should strive for these types of goals as above.

But in reality, while goals are valuable as things to orient us and give us something to measure against, they can also paralyze us or send us on endless chases where we scatter our time and energy without much result.

I hope Simon’s wisdom will offer some interesting perspective through which to view the way you approach your business, your opportunity to lead, and to make a difference. It’s helped me <3

Photo by Cris Baron on Unsplash

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